How do I add more users to my booking platform?

How do I add more users to my booking platform?

You can use our booking platform as an individual or team.
To add a new user, follow these instructions:
  1. Select the gear icon at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select Users to the left.
  3. Select Add user.
  4. Once you create a user, that user will receive an email with login instructions and will be able to sync to their personal calendar.
If you have a large team, you can send the team list to us and we will upload it for you. You can include their name, email, cell phone number, and work hours, and we will create the users.

User Types:
We have three user types that can be created with different permissions.
  1. Admin - The admin is the primary user on the account. The admin has full access to all account settings, user settings, and schedules for all users.
  2. Team Leader/Manager - This role has permission to see their own “user settings” along with the “user settings” for every user assigned to them. The Team Leader also has access to view/edit their own appointments/calendar as well as the appointments/calendars of the users who are assigned to them.
  3. Users - Users have access to their own user settings and calendar. They can change their availability and sync to their own personal calendar, but will not have access to view a Team Leader or Admin calendar. 

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