How do I change details on my listings?

How do I change details on my listings?

You can override the listing information and photos provided by your MLS system for your featured listings. Use this option if you would like customized information and/or photos displayed with your own listings, instead of the information and photos entered in your MLS system.

Here's how to access this option in your account Control Panel:

Select "Listings" at the top of the Control Panel, and then select "Active" beneath the Manage Listings option.

In the Active Listings window, select a listing to modify it.

After you select an active listing, you will see the Modify Listing window. Select from any of the available options to make your desired changes.

Select the Listing Information tab to modify:
  1. Property description
  2. Add a virtual tour
  3. Add an open house event calendar
  4. Modify map settings for this listing
  5. Add an external link

Select the Photos tab to:
  1. Add more property photos
  2. Change photo dimensions
  3. Change if an image is shown or not
  4. Change the sort position
  5. Make a picture a "Main Picture"

*You can't show any listings that you or your brokerage don't represent in your Featured Listings.
*The above information is for your own Featured Listings only.
*It is against board rules, and state and provincial real estate advertising rules, to try to modify the data (such as photos, the listing agent remarks, and listing details) for general IDX listings (where you or your brokerage don't represent the seller).
*If you wish to highlight listings represented by other brokerages, you can post thumbnail links and comments (such as on a blog page) about those IDX listings, as long as you (1) link to the detailed IDX page that includes the name of the seller's representative and (2) don't change any listing details on the IDX listing.

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