How can I change the from email address in my email marketing?

How can I change the from email address in my email marketing?

You can add multiple sender email addresses (or "From" email addresses). To view and add a sender email address:

Log in to your dashboard and select the My Email Campaigns tile.

Or if you are already logged in to your dashboard, select the Email Campaigns icon along the top navigation.

Select the Settings tab.

Select the "Add New From Email Address" button and add the requested information to start creating a new Sender Email address.
You can also access this feature from the "Campaigns" tab. Select "My Campaigns", and then select "Add New From Email Address".

  1. Sender Name: Display name that will appear in the email header.
  2. Email: This is the email address or alias you want, such as info, no-reply, or hello.
  3. Domain Name: This is the domain that appears after the "@" symbol.
Although you can have multiple domains configured, we recommend that you only use one so that emails from your business are easily recognizable.
Select "Add Email" to finish creating your new email.

Your new email address is now ready to be used in a campaign.

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