How do I create appointments for two or more staff members?

How do I create appointments for two or more staff members?

You can share a link with a customer and allow them to see the availability for 2+ users at a time and book those users. To do this, follow the steps below.
Use Cases
An HR Team is sharing a link to book one candidate with an HR manager and a sales manager. The HR manager shares one link with the candidate. The candidate will see the combined availability for both users (SM and HRM), and book an appointment that will book both users.

An admin sends an email to high net-worth clients to book an appointment with a junior advisor and senior advisor. When the client receives a link, they will see only the times that are available for both the JA and SA, and pick a time. Once the client books, the appointment will be booked on both the JA and SA calendars.

  1. Select the gear icon at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select 2+ user appointments from the menu to the left.
  3. Select “+ New Team Appointment Type”.
  4. Add the Name of the appointment and add a description (both included in email confirmations, etc.).
  5. Add a duration and buffer time.
  6. Choose which users will be in the meeting.
  7. Click to add an appointment now or later.
  8. If you choose later, you can click to “Invite”. An email will pop up that you can use to send the customer.
  9. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it in your own email, website, etc.
  10. Once the customer receives and selects the link, they will see a calendar that displays the combined availability for all users assigned.
If user one was available at 9, 10, and 11, and u ser two was available at 10, 12, and 2, t he customer would only see a 10 slot available.
Once the customer books the 10 slot, both user calendars will be booked. The appointment will be blocked in our system, it will sync to the users' personal calendars, and all emails/reminders will be sent accordingly.

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