How do I modify the settings on my featured listings?

How do I modify the settings on my featured listings?

We have several options that allow you to customize your featured listings.

Featured listings highlight your own listings, or your brokerage's own listings.
All IDX accounts automatically populate a Featured Listings page with active listings in your MLS system that match your agent ID or office ID (or multiple agent or office ID's in broker account plans). Featured listings can also be displayed in various listing gallery widgets throughout your site.

Display Options: Here are some very useful display options for featured listings on your site:

  • Including your own sold listings (where you represented the seller) in featured listings
  • Including supplemental listings (also known as "pocket" listings) in featured listings
  • Choosing a default sorting preference for your featured listings page
  • Showing your own listings first in search results
  • Including your logo with your listings when they appear in search results
You can access the settings for these options in your account's Control Panel:

Log in to your Control Panel and select "Setup" at the top of your screen. Then select "Results & Featuredbeneath the Listing Settings option.

Select "Save" to update your site with your changes.

*You can't show any listings that you or your brokerage don't represent in your Featured Listings.
*The above information is for your own Featured Listings only.
*It is against board rules, and state and provincial real estate advertising rules, to try to modify the data (such as photos, the listing agent remarks, and listing details) for general IDX listings (where you or your brokerage don't represent the seller).
*If you wish to highlight listings represented by other brokerages, you can post thumbnail links and comments (such as on a blog page) about those IDX listings, as long as you (1) link to the detailed IDX page that includes the name of the seller's representative and (2) don't change any listing details on the IDX listing.

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