Can you make my website ADA compliant?

Can you make my website ADA compliant?

We know website accessibility is important, so we’ve partnered with AudioEye, a company that specializes in web accessibility. When you sign up for our Accessibility Upgrade, AudioEye’s technology is applied to your site. They’ll test it thoroughly to ensure it’s ADA compliant to AA standards, get you certified, and perform ongoing remediation to make sure you stay in compliance. We highly recommend this upgrade for all of our clients. It opens your site up to more customers – according to the World Health Organization, between 15–20% of the world’s population is disabled. And it also protects you from risk of a lawsuit.

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    • How do I make my website live?

      You can take your website live yourself by adding records to your domain registrar.  Select the Website tile.  Select Menu on the top left. Select Website Settings. Select Go Live. Select the toggle to take your website live. 
    • Can I be sued if my website is not ADA compliant?

      All public entities are required to provide equal access under the Americans with Disabilities Act, so yes, failing to provide an accessible website can result in legal action. We encourage all our clients to sign up for our Accessibility Upgrade to ...
    • How do I add animation to my website?

      Video Walkthrough: To add animation to your website, select the Manage My Site tile.  Select "Menu".  Select "Update Style". Select Animations. Select an animation you would like to add to all pages.
    • How do I preview my website?

      Video Walkthrough: To preview your website, select the Manage Your Site tile. At the top right corner of A.I. Editor, select the Preview button to preview your website. The preview link will open in a new browser tab.
    • How do I change the name of my website?

      To change your website's name, select the “Manage Websites” link. Hover over the three dots and select “Edit Website Name”. Update the name and select “Done”.