How do I add product options to my online store?

How do I add product options to my online store?

Open the product page you want to edit. Navigate to the Options tab.

Select “+ Add New Option” to add an option and its parameters. Add the name of the option, for example, Size. Select the input type. Radio Buttons work best for Size.

Select “+ Add New Value” and add all values of the option. Add as many new values as you need and specify whether they affect the base product price or not.


Choose the Default option (if you tick the “Do not preselect default value” option, the Default column is hidden).

Save the changes and check how the product page looks. Repeat the above steps to add more options (like color), if needed.

Option Types

You can use different option types to help customers select a product they desire:
  1. Drop-down list allows selection of one value from multiple choices. We suggest drop-down lists for a compact view of many choices.
  2. Radio Buttons allow selecting one value from multiple choices like Sizes.
  3. Date Picker is a popup calendar to select a date for a product/service.
  4. Text Field and Text Area are input text fields where your customers can type any text for a product. It is often used to offer personalization, engraving, custom printing, or embroidery for products.
  5. Checkboxes allow selection of several options at once. For example, pizza toppings.
  6. Upload file allows customers to attach files to the product or service they order.

Using Price Modifiers

With price modifiers, you can increase or decrease the base product price depending on options. For example, a cotton T-Shirt may cost $10, while an organic cotton T-Shirt sells for $12. If a customer selects an option with a price modifier, they will see the updated price on the product page.
Price modifiers can be assigned to drop-down, checkbox, and radio-buttons option types.

To add price modifiers, navigate to the Options tab.

Select how the price modifier should adjust the price.

Select whether the modification adjusts the price in absolute amount or as a percentage.

Set the amount and save the changes. This is how the price modifiers appear in the Control Panel:

This is how your customers see modifiers in your store front. The price changes immediately when you select an option.

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