How do I build a real estate website using our IDX solution?

How do I build a real estate website using our IDX solution?

You can build a real estate website by copying one of our pre-built templates.

Follow these steps:

Copy the Template

Log in to and search for the project by the project ID. Select the cog under the Actions column to access more settings.
Title: DouglasElliman
Project ID: 339658
Title: Wise Choice
Project ID: 339659

Select Copy.

Fill out the requested information.

In a few minutes, you should receive an email with the details of your copied project.

Edit the New Project

Go back to the admin dashboard and search for your project by the New Project Key.

Select the cog to access the project's settings if you want to rename your project.

Select the dashboard icon to navigate to the client's dashboard for this project. Select the "Manage Your Site" tile.

Next, you will need to update the "clientid" (Client ID) for each IDX module.
You will need special access and permission to do this. Please see your manager for access.

Locate the Client ID

Log in to our IDX admin control panel to get the client ID number.
1. Click  here to access the IDX admin panel. Enter your username and password.

2. Select the "Client Search" tab on the left. Either search by the client's name or select "Complete Client List" to search through all IDX clients.

3. The CID (Client ID) can be found under the client's name and business name.

Remember to go through the whole website and update the "clientid=XXXXX" to match your client's IDX or some of the modules will not render correctly.

Update Custom CSS

Next, you need to update the custom CSS in the client's IDX account.
Log in to the IDX admin panel, locate the client, and then select the "Control Panel" button to access the account.

Select the Setup tab > Design & Branding > CSS.

Copy the code (in the file attached to this article) in the area labeled "Add Code to Page Head".

Select "Save Changes".

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