How do I change the name of my website?

How do I change the name of my website?

To change your website's name, select the “Manage Websites” link.

Hover over the three dots and select “Edit Website Name”.

Update the name and select “Done”.

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    • How do I change the name of a field on my website's form?

      To change the name of a field, select the Manage Your Site tile. Select the field and then select Settings. Edit the name in the Label Text field.
    • How do I update my name and email in My Profile?

      To update your name and/or email, hover over the profile icon. Select “My Profile”. Here you can update your name and email address. 
    • Can I edit my domain's nameservers?

      Yes, you can edit or change your domain's nameservers directly in your domain manager tile. Changing your nameservers can affect your live website or any other services that use your domain (such as email). You should make copies of your current ...
    • How do I edit the slider block on my website?

      To edit your slider block, select the gear () on the upper right hand corner of the block you want to edit. In A.I Editor, each block added to a page has its own settings. Make sure you select the gear for the appropriate block. You can edit several ...
    • How do I edit the button text on the form on my website?

      To make changes to the form on your website, select the Manage Your Site tile.  Select the button, and then select the Edit icon. Change the button text and select “Save”. The button text has been changed.