How do I create events in Webmail?

How do I create events in Webmail?

You can open the New Event screen through any of the calendar views or by clicking the New Event calendar_icon.PNG icon on the Secondary Menu.

The new event dialog includes the following tabs:
  1. Main – Allows you to specify the event title, time and specify a recurring timeline.
  2. Details – Allows you to specify the location details, set alerts and add notes or agenda items.
  3. Attendees – Allows you to select attendees for an event, and provides details for any calendar conflicts.

To create an event:

  1. In the Calendar Secondary Menu, click the New Event  icon. Alternatively, you can select a day from the calendar view, or you can select a day and time from the Weekly or Daily view.
  2. In the new event screen, complete the following:
  1. Enter a title.
  2. Specify a start and end date using the pop-up calendar.
  3. Specify a start and end time by using the pop-up clock.
  4. If this event will span an entire day, select All-day.
  5. If this is a recurring event, select the Repeat: checkbox. The Repeat dialog will open allowing you to select the recurring interval (see: recurrence status options). 
     3. Click the Details tab and enter the following:
  1. Enter the location for the event.
  2. Add the event to a specific calendar using the Add to Calendar drop-down.
  3. If you want to set a reminder and be notified prior to the event, select email or device notification from the Alerts drop-down and specify the time in minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
Note: you can add multiple alerts for each event.
  1. Enter a description for your event in the Notes section. This description will be sent to attendees as an email.
    4. Click the Attendees tab and complete the following:
  1. Invite people to your event by adding their email address in the Add Attendees.
  2. Select Required, if applicable.
Note: If any conflicts exist, they are displayed below the Attendees section.
  1. To view conflict details, click View details.
  2. To avoid conflicts, you can select the Next Available Time.
  3. To remove an attendee from the event, click the x next to their name.
   5. Click Save.
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