How do I create my emails?

How do I create my emails?

Maintaining a professional image is important for keeping your customers' trust and appearing credible online. Using a custom domain email shows that your business is well-established and genuine, and is likely to make customers feel more comfortable dealing with you.

Our email package includes 10 email accounts. If you need more than 10 emails, you can purchase another email package.

To create your emails, select the My Email tile.

Select Get Started.

If you do not see your domain in the domain section, select the Click Here to Connect Domain link. 

Select Connect Domain.

Enter the domain you would like to connect.

Navigate to your domain registrar's advanced DNS settings and enter the below MX and A records. 

After adding the records in your domain registrar's advanced DNS settings, select Refresh to confirm the records have been added correctly. You will see green checkmarks confirming the records. 

Select Done to complete the domain connection process.

The domain is connected. You can now create your email accounts. 

Enter the information below and select Create. 

The email has now been created.

Select Add Email Address to add another email. 

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