How do I feature products on the Store Front page of my online store?

How do I feature products on the Store Front page of my online store?

If you want to highlight some of your products to sell them faster, you can show them on the page that your customers see right away when they open your store. To do it, you need to add your featured products to the Store Front page category. It is the main root category of the store that is created by default.

You can also use this category to show your best selling items or some hot deals.

Featured products help attract attention to certain items in your store. You can use this to:
  1. Motivate customers to buy from you: place your best selling items on your homepage
  2. Showcase your assortment: place products from different categories to give a better idea of your brand
  3. Attract attention to your new arrivals: this will work best if you have a lot of repeat customers
  4. Power your sale: show your best deals on your homepage
To feature products on the Store Front page, navigate to E-Commerce tile, Catalog, Categories, Assign Products to Category

There is a separate Store Front page category in your store by default.

To assign the products you want to show on the Store Front page, select the E-Commerce tile

Select Catalog > Categories > Store Front page category > Category Products

Select the Assign Products to Category button.

Select the product you want to display on the home page. Select Add Products. 

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