How do I get started with my Site Analytics?

How do I get started with my Site Analytics?

Learn how to set up your website's analytics. We'll track the metrics that matter most so you know exactly how visitors are interacting with your website.

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    • How do I connect Google Analytics in my dashboard?

      Note: If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, visit to learn how to get started.  To connect your Google Analytics account, select the Site Analytics tile. There are two tabs: ...
    • How do I add my Google Analytics ID to my website?

      Video Walkthrough: To add your Google Analytics ID, select the Manage Your Site tile. Select "Menu". Select “Website Settings” to access your site’s settings. Select “API Integrations” to add Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager IDs. ...
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      Our Google Ads Manager guides you through launching a Google Ads campaign in just 5 easy steps. Access our Google Ads Manager by logging in to your account and selecting the Ads Management tile. Watch our walkthrough video to learn how to start using ...
    • How do I view my website's analytics?

      To view your website's analytics, select the Site Analytics tile.  Here you can review detailed information on your website's traffic.                                                
    • How do I run a Google Ads Campaign?

      Creating a Google Ads Account Before you start creating ads using our Google Ads Manager, you must create a Google Ads account using your Gmail email address. Once you’ve created your account in Google Ads, select “Switch to Expert Mode”. This gives ...