How do I get started with Social 365?

How do I get started with Social 365?

With Social 365, you can plan up to a year of social media posts with just a few clicks.
Start by watching our walkthrough video to learn how to use this powerful tool.

To access this tool, log in to your dashboard and select the "Social Calendar" tile

Select "Get Started". With this tool, you can either schedule posts manually yourself, or our A.I. can automatically schedule posts for you.
Select "Yes" for auto scheduling.

Start by selecting the post categories your followers want to see from you.

Next, choose your desired posting frequency.

Select whether or not you'd like to post on the weekends. 

Adjust your posts per day to create your desired posting schedule. 

Click on the social icons to connect your social accounts.

The last step is to select Schedule.

Social 365 will then schedule your social media posts for an entire year using our library of ready-to-post content.

This is your calendar view.

To switch to a timeline view, select the timeline icon.

Click on a post to make changes to it. From here you can preview your post, shuffle to a new post, delete it, edit your caption, change the image, select the social accounts you want to post to, or select a different posting time. When you're done making changes, click "Schedule."

To add a new post, select the plus icon.

To make your own, select "Create New Post."

To create your own category and fill it with your own custom posts, select "Create New Category."

To search our library of social media content, select a category. When you choose your post, just drag and drop it onto the day you want to publish it.

If you ever want to make changes to your selected post categories and posting frequency, click the gear icon and go to "Categories and Frequency."

To start or stop posting on a particular day, use this toggle button. 

Select your categories here, adjust your posting time, add a second posting slot, and manage what platforms you're posting to. 

And here's where you can easily turn auto-scheduling on or off.