How do I log in to my email?

How do I log in to my email?

Go to Your username is your email address. 

You will be logged in and a pop-up to tour your email features will display.

If you need to reset your password please contact your email admin. If you're on our most recent platform, you can also submit requests via your Digital Command Center. Just log in to your DCC and select the “Need Help?” button.

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      You can add multiple sender email addresses (or "From" email addresses). To view and add a sender email address: Log in to your dashboard and select the My Email Campaigns tile. Or if you are already logged in to your dashboard, select the Email ...
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    • How do I log out of my dashboard?

      To log out, hover over the profile icon. Select “Log Out”.
    • How do I log out of the mobile app?

      Select the menu on the top left corner of the app.  Select the Log Out link. Select Log Out to confirm you would like to log out of the mobile app.