How do I log out of my dashboard?

How do I log out of my dashboard?

To log out, hover over the profile icon.

Select “Log Out”.

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    • How do I view my dashboard notifications?

      Select the Bell icon in the top right corner of your dashboard to view notifications about your account, tools, etc.  Your notifications will appear in the window to the right. 
    • How do I log out of the mobile app?

      Select the menu on the top left corner of the app.  Select the Log Out link. Select Log Out to confirm you would like to log out of the mobile app. 
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    • How do I view my Local SEO Dashboard in the mobile app?

      After completing your business profile, you will be able to view your Local SEO dashboard. Here you can view your listings in sync, listings being updated, and listings that require your attention. You must log in to Google My Business and Facebook ...
    • How do I reset my Webmail log in password?

      If you need to reset your Webmail password please contact your email admin to submit your request. If you're on our most recent platform, you can also submit requests via your Digital Command Center. Just log in to your DCC and select the “Need ...