How do I manage account settings in Webmail?

How do I manage account settings in Webmail?

The Accounts section allows you to display emails from a platform other than Webmail, such as Gmail. Once an account has been added, you can view emails in the Inbox. Each account, added and enabled, will be displayed by email address. 

To add an email account:

  1. Click Preferences.
  2. Expand Mail and select Accounts.
  3. Select the type of account that you want to add and enter the account details.
  4. Click Save.  
If your email does not initialize, you will need to access your POP/IMAP account settings in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or your email provider to ensure the IMAP is enabled.   

To add a custom email account:
If you are adding a custom email account, you will need to know the following information. This information is relevant to initializing POP/IMAP settings for any email account:
  1. Incoming Mail Server and Port
  2. Type of Encryption
  3. Outgoing Mail Server and Port 

To display/delete an email account in your inbox:
  1. In the list of configured emails, select the checkbox for the account you want to display.


To enable these settings inversely, you can access the POP/IMAP settings information for your Webmail account here.
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