How do I send a survey in the mobile app?

How do I send a survey in the mobile app?

You can send surveys to your customers in the mobile app. You can add recipients from your address book or import customer groups.

Where to locate:

  1. Select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile
  2. Select the + icon
  3. Add contacts
  4. Send survey

Select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile.

Select the + icon on the bottom right corner of the app, or select the menu and select Send Survey.

Send Survey From Address Book

Select Add From Address Book.

Select a contact from your phone's address book. 

The contact is added. You can add more contacts or select the Send Survey button. 

You also have the option to schedule the survey to send at a later time. Select the Schedule For Later link.

Select a date and time, and select Apply. The survey is now scheduled.

Import Group

Select Import Group. This will allow you to import customers from your My Customers section.

Select the dropdown arrow and select the group you would like to add.

Select the dropdown arrow to select the type of survey you will be sending. 

Select the Import button.

All customers within the group are now added.

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