How do I set up an in-store pickup option in my online store?

How do I set up an in-store pickup option in my online store?

In-store pick-up is a convenient way for customers to collect their purchases instead of waiting for shipping, and a good way to avoid shipping fees. So in addition to regular shipping, you can enable the in-store pickup option.

To set up in-store pickup, select the E-Commerce tile.

Select Settings > Shipping & Pick-Up. Select the Add Pickup button.

Enter the Pickup option label. It will be displayed to customers at checkout. Enter the Pickup option instructions: how, where, and when your customers can collect their purchases.

Click Add Pickup OptionNow the customers will be able to choose In-store Pickup at checkout.

In case you have multiple locations available for pickup, simply add more pickup options following the same steps. Specifying each location address in the Pickup option label field will let your customers differentiate the pickup options easily.

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