How do I track Google Ads conversions on my landing page?

How do I track Google Ads conversions on my landing page?

Below are two ways you can track conversions.

  1. Global Site Tag: The global site tag adds visitors to your basic remarketing lists and sets new cookies on your domain, which will store information about the ad click that brought a user to your website. You must install this tag on every page of your website.

    1. You can add this to your Header or Footer Code in A.I. Editor > Website Settings > Custom Code

  1. Event Snippet: The event snippet works with the global site tag to track actions that should be counted as conversions. Choose whether to track conversions on a page load or click (we recommend page load). 

    1. Add this code to the final page clients land after they have called you or completed your contact form. This ensures that the only way your client will see this page is if they have contacted you.

    2. We recommend a “Thank You” page. On this page, you can place the embed code in A.I. Editor > Manage Blocks > Add Block > Embed

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