How do I view my online store's sales?

How do I view my online store's sales?

To view your sales, select the E-Commerce tile.

The My Sales section tracks all sales, customer info, and order edits. Below is a sample order.

Select Print Invoice to open the invoice in a new window. Printing options will automatically appear.

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    • How do I update an order in my online store?

      The Update Order drop down provides five different options. View Order Update Status Mark as Shipped Edit Order Print invoice View Order: View an order's details. 
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      Your store has a secure one-page checkout where your customers enter their shipping and payment details and leave order comments before placing orders. Checkout Steps After a shopper chooses products and adds them to their shopping cart, they can ...
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      Invoices itemize transactions. They typically include the purchase quantity, price of goods and/or services, date, parties involved, invoice number, and tax information. You can upload a logo and your business registration number below to personalize ...
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      When you sell from your online store, the orders your customers place are automatically recorded in your dashboard. If you sell offline as well, for example, you accept orders by phone or email or have a brick and mortar store, we do not know about ...