How do I write my email survey?

How do I write my email survey?

Your survey messaging should speak to your customer.

A change to your message can mean the difference between a new 5-star review and your request going straight in the trash.

To learn more on how to use Testimonial Collector to send email surveys to your customers, click  here.

Read on for advice on how to write an email survey that resonates.

1. Be clear and concise. 

Your survey should get straight to the point. Don’t overwhelm your customer with a bunch of words that don’t really mean anything. Be direct! It’s easy for them to leave a review, so make sure your messaging is easy breezy too.

Take advantage of paragraph breaks and don’t just include one single block of text. The extra space makes your email easier to read. 

 2. Set the right tone.

You don’t need to be a pro to write your survey, you just need to be sincere! Not too serious or stuffy.

Think genuine. You are genuinely grateful for your customers and you want to hear what’s on their mind. Make sure your email strikes that tone. 

3. Mention how long it will take. 

We’ve developed our tool so that it’s super quick and easy for customers to leave a review, so make sure they know that. Tell them the whole process should take less than a minute. 
For more info on Testimonial Collector and to see where you can view all your reviews in one place, click here.

4. Make your CTA stand out.

Your call-to-action button should stand out from the rest of your email. This is the action you want your customer to take, so make sure it pops. A bright button color can make a big difference. 

Try different button text too. Choose whatever you think your customer is most likely to click.

Try some of these:
  1. Review Us
  2. Leave a Review
  3. Share Your Thoughts
  4. Leave Feedback

To learn more on editing your email survey in Testimonial Collector, click here.

5. Add your contact info.

Let’s say a customer gets your survey and they’ve been less than thrilled with their experience. You need to make sure they have a quick way to get in touch with you.

Add your phone number and/or support email so if they want to give you a piece of their mind, they can do it right away (and offline). 

6. Test your subject line.

Making an adjustment to your subject line could do great things for your open rates. 
Here are a few different ones for you to try.
  1. How did we do?
  2. We’d love to hear your feedback
  3. Got a minute to share your experience with [Business Name]?
  4. We want your feedback

7. Try one of our templates.

When in doubt, try one of the templates we’ve created below. 

If you’re a business that offers services to customers, try this one:

Hi [First Name],

Thank you for being a loyal [Business Name] customer. It was our pleasure helping [Service You Provide].

We’d love your feedback to make sure we’re giving you the service you deserve. Will you take a moment to leave us a review? It takes less than a minute.


If your experience with us hasn't been positive, contact us directly so we can make it right. Call [Phone Number] or email [Support Email].

Thanks again!
– [Business Name]

If you sell products to customers, use something like this:

Hi [First Name],

Thank you for your recent purchase! We appreciate your support and want to make sure we keep providing you with great products.

Would you take 30 seconds to leave us a review? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  


If you’re anything less than thrilled with your purchase, contact us directly so we can make it right. Call [Phone Number] or email [Support Email].

Thanks for your support!
– [Business Name]

 8. Keep adapting.

And last but not least, don’t let your survey messaging get too stale. Keep working and reworking. Sometimes a little change in messaging can make a big difference. 

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