What property types are included in my IDX platform?

What property types are included in my IDX platform?

You can specify which property types you want included as search options, the names for those property types, and the default price ranges.
The customized property type name is displayed on your search page, but does not actually change the property type information displayed on individual listings.
You can access these settings by logging in to your IDX client control panel, select the setup tab > select search settings (left hand navigation) > Property Types > Prices

Property Types in Our IDX Search Menus

House - A single-family property for sale (detached, townhouse, or rowhouse). Advanced search options can often provide separate results for attached and detached subtypes.

Condo - A single-family unit (usually attached) for sale in the same building or complex as other single-family units. Unlike multi-unit residential listings, a condo listing is for one unit, not the whole complex or building. This category might also include co-ops in some areas. Advanced search options can often provide separate results for condos (where a single unit is for sale) and co-ops (where a share of an overall building, plus the right to occupy one unit, is for sale).

House / Condo - Combined search in our IDX system for both house and condo property types.

Lots / Land - Vacant land (without buildings).

Multi-Unit Residential - A complex or building consisting of multiple single-family units. Unlike condo listings, multi-unit residential listings are for the entire complex or building, not just one unit. This category might also be referred to as residential income.

Mobile Home - A single-family unit that was built off-site and transported to its current location. The listing might include the mobile home unit and the land, or just the unit.

Rental - A single-family residential unit (house or condo) available for rent or lease, not for sale.

Commercial - A non-residential listing (such as office, restaurant, retail, warehouse, and industrial) for sale or lease - either attached or detached.

Business income - A subtype of commercial listings that includes the assets of the business in addition to the property or space.

Property Sub-Types (Provided i n Advanced Search Menus for Some Boards)

Co-op - A unit in a multi-unit similar property (like a condo), but where the occupants collectively own the building (not just one unit), with each owner granted the right to occupy one particular unit.

Condop - A portion of a multi-unit building used as a co-op, with the co-op portion containing individual residential units, and the listing in IDX being one of those individual units. While a condo listing is ownership of one unit in a multi-unit building, and a co-op listing is the right to occupy one unit in a multi-unit building as a shared owner of that building, a condop listing is one unit in one part of a larger building that is used as a co-op. Often, the condop's building contains commercial or non-residential spaces that are separately owned from the co-op portion of the building.

Townhouse Condo - An attached townhouse with ownership of only the interior unit (the HOA normally owns the exterior and the land for the unit).

Townhouse Fee Simple - An attached townhouse with ownership of the interior, exterior, and the land.

(Hawaii) Fee Simple - A Hawaii listing including ownership of the land for the property.

(Hawaii) Leasehold - A Hawaii listing with the right to occupy the land for a specified period of time.

The info above is for general reference, and is not real estate or legal advice. It is not guaranteed accurate in all cases, and might not be applicable to individual properties. You should investigate the facts for any particular listing as appropriate.
At this time, our IDX tools provide advanced search options for house and condo property types. We also provide property subtype advanced search options for houses and condos when available in the IDX data for a board. Basic and polygon search is available for all property types. Advanced search for property types other than houses and condos is not part of our IDX product.