What can I do in the SEO tile?

What can I do in the SEO tile?

Select the SEO tile to view your website's SEO details.

Here you can add SEO titles, descriptions, and keywords to your pages. You can also make a page visible or hidden to search engines, and view your SEO completeness score. 

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    • How do I update a page's SEO title on my website?

      Video Walkthrough: ​ ​ To update a page's SEO title, select the Manage Your Site tile.  Select Menu. Select Manage Pages. Hover over the page you want to update and select the gear icon.  Update the SEO Title field Note: SEO titles display in search ...
    • How do I view my SEO Score?

      To view your SEO score, select the SEO tile. View your score at the top right of your screen. This shows the completeness of all your website's SEO details, like SEO titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.
    • How do I add SEO meta tags to the products in my online store?

      Meta tags help search engines like Google index your store. To add SEO meta tags, navigate to the E-Commerce tile > Catalog > Products > Specific Product > SEO tab With SEO fields, you can create separate titles and descriptions for your products ...
    • How do I view my Local SEO Dashboard in the mobile app?

      After completing your business profile, you will be able to view your Local SEO dashboard. Here you can view your listings in sync, listings being updated, and listings that require your attention. You must log in to Google My Business and Facebook ...
    • How do I set up Local SEO Listings in the mobile app?

      Select the Local SEO Listings tile.  Select the Update Business Profile button.  Complete all fields in the Basic Information section. Select Save. Logo Business Information  Business Address Contact Information Business Website About Your Business ...