What is Conversations?

What is Conversations?

Conversations, our centralized messaging platform, funnels all your online conversations to one place. We give you a unified inbox where you can manage conversations happening on Facebook, Google, email, text, and your website. You can also manage conversations whenever and wherever with our mobile app. 
You can connect the following channels in Conversations:

Facebook and Google only allow you to respond to messages sent to you. You can't initiate a conversation via those channels.

Log in to your dashboard and select "Conversations".

The Inbox screen is where you can begin engaging with customers using Google Messages, Facebook Messages, Email, SMS (with MMS capability), and from customer web form submissions.

  Google Messaging: You can respond to any message submitted from the messaging feature on a search result.

 Facebook Messaging: You can respond to customers messaging your Facebook business page.

 Email: You can send and receive emails.
SMS Text: You can send and receive text messages to an SMS\MMS enabled phone number.
 Website Form Submissions: You can read and respond to customers using the contact form on your website.