What is the product catalog in my online store?

What is the product catalog in my online store?

This is where all products are stored. You have the ability to:

Add New Products

Modify Products

Delete Products

Import Products

Enable/Disable Products

Export All Products

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    • Can we add more products to the Product Reviews Catalog?

      You can add products, edit existing products, and delete products from the "Product Reviews" section. Log in to your Digital Ecosystem, select the "Get 5 Star Reviews" tile, then the "Product Reviews" tab. In the Catalog tab you will find Your ...
    • How do I add product images in my online store?

      You can add an unlimited number of images to every product in your store. We recommend using JPG, PNG, and GIF images in RGB color mode. When you add multiple images of a product, the first uploaded image is considered the main. It shows as a product ...
    • How do I add product details to my online store?

      Products are the physical goods, digital files, and services you sell. To create a product, you need to specify the name and upload product images. In addition, you can add product details that help your clients better understand the product: add ...
    • How do I delete a product from my online store?

      To delete a product, select the E-Commerce tile. Select the Catalog tab. Choose a product you want to delete. Select “Edit Product”, and then select “Delete Product”.​ Confirm you want to delete this product. To delete several products at once (for ...
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      In addition to physical products, you can sell digital items such as e-books, photos, music, video tutorials, and more in your store. When you add a product to your store, you can upload a file that will be delivered to customers automatically via ...