What is the Purpose of Auto share Reviews

What is the Purpose of Auto share Reviews

Select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile.

Select Settings
Auto share reviews as the name infers will automatically share the customer reviews (survey submitted) to the configured Auto share social Networks based on the Auto share settings.
Note: If a customer does not have an account with the review platform(s) you've enabled, their review will be added to your testimonials page. These are the reviews that can be automatically shared to your social media accounts.

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    • What platforms can I auto share reviews on in Testimonial Collector?

      To view the platforms you can auto share reviews on, select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile. Select the Settings tab. You can auto share reviews on the following platforms: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Your Reviews Page
    • How do I automatically share reviews in Testimonial Collector?

      To automatically share reviews, select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile. Toggle the Auto Share New Reviews button to Yes. Select which star ratings you'd like to share, and which platforms you'd like to share them to. In this example, we want any reviews ...
    • How do I share a review on social media in Testimonial Collector?

      To share a review, select the Get 5 Star Reviews tile. Select the Share button next to the review you'd like to share.  Select a platform to post the review. You can share the review on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. 
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      Once you generate the QR code, you can download it as an image and share it the following ways.  You can share it on social media. You can add it to print media like cards and banners.