How do I create an order on behalf of a customer?

How do I create an order on behalf of a customer?

When you sell from your online store, the orders your customers place are automatically recorded in your dashboard. If you sell offline as well, for example, you accept orders by phone or email or have a brick and mortar store, we do not know about those sales, so they are not recorded in your dashboard. In this case, you can create these orders manually and keep track of your sales and inventory. You will have a full order history in your dashboard even for orders that were processed via phone or offline.

To create an order manually, select the E-Commerce tile. 

Select MySales > Edit Orders. Select the Create Order button.

Fill in the customer information.
Note: If this is a returning customer, all you need to enter is their email. We will populate all other customer information automatically.
Enter the customer's email

Select "Edit" next to the Shipping Method and add the name of the shipping option. In a dropdown, we will show the options that you have in your store.
Select a shipping method

Add the name of the payment option.
Enter the payment method

The order is pre-populated with a default product. Select the pencil icon to remove or edit it.
Edit the product in the order

To add more items to the order, select Add Product.
Add a product to the order

Enter the product SKU and the number of items purchased. We will fill in all other information for you.
Enter the product SKU

Edit the shipping information, taxes, and discounts. Select Save changes.
Edit the shipping costs and taxes

When you are done with entering the order information, select Place Order.
Click Place order

You can now find this order in your store My Sales > Orders.

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