How do I write my text message survey?

How do I write my text message survey?

Our tool lets you send customizable text surveys to your customers. It works because 81% of Americans own a smartphone, and if we’re honest, aren’t we all glued to them?


SMS surveys are a great way to catch customers where they’re already spending a lot of their time, but good survey messaging plays a big part in sealing the deal.

Here are our best tips for writing a survey that people want to take.

Keep it short.

It might be tempting to just copy/paste your email survey, but your text message should be unique – and feel like a text message! We all love texts because they’re a fast way to communicate, so keep yours short.  

Make it personal.

Just like with email, people are more likely to respond to your text survey if it feels personal. Use our tags feature to insert dynamic tags like your customer’s name. This will do great things to your response rate.

To learn how to insert tags in your Testimonial Collector survey, click here.

Mention your business name. 

You may have just interacted with a customer, but that doesn’t mean you can assume they know who you are. Always start with mentioning your business name to introduce yourself and make your message clear. 

Be friendly. 

Text messages are more informal than an email. They’re casual, so make sure you strike a friendly, helpful tone. Thank your customer for their support and make sure they know that their feedback helps you a lot! 

Make your call to action clear. 

Your survey should end with your CTA – whatever action you want your customer to take. In this case, it’s to leave you a review. Use a variation of “Click the following link to leave us a review”.

To see what your text survey will look like to customers, click here.

Use one of our templates. 

When in doubt, try starting with one of the templates below. Don’t forget to keep adapting. Try and get your response rate as high as possible! 

  1. Hi [First Name], thanks for being a loyal [Business Name] customer. It was our pleasure serving you! We’d love your feedback to make sure we’re giving you the service you deserve. Please click the following link to leave us a review. 
  2. Hi [First Name], thanks for your recent purchase at [Business Name]! We appreciate your support and want to make sure we keep providing you with great products. Please click the following link to leave us a review. 

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